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Carton Reducer

Carton Reducer

SKU: W3400000CRUPS

Reduce boxes to the exact size required. Corrugated carton scoring tool.

Ruled for precise measuring. Save money as no need to maintain excess sizes. Save Supplies since less void fill needed to fill boxes. Save Claims-Better Fit Equals Less Damage.

 We use one of these tools every day in our shipping area to help get cartons to the right size, and to do it quickly and easily, and with the kind of straight lines that makes a carton have strong corners for protection when your finished.

The tool allows you to score the cardboard, making perforated lines so that it can be folded to just the size you need. This allows you to reduce the overall size of the carton, and decrease the packing materials needed, as well as often lowering the shipping cost. \

The tool has the following features: The cutting wheel has steel points The cutting wheel will quickly perforate The cardboard so it can be folded The guide, that rides on the top of the carton, can be adjusted so you score the cardboard where you want to. The handle allows you to cut without fear of scraped knuckles Save shipping dollars by decreasing the size of your cartons. Better fit can mean less damage

- Easy to use
- Save shipping dollars
- Steel points
- Perforates easily

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