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Paper Products

Paper products


Paper is one of the major elements of work, for most companies. It is difficult to imagine daily tasks, where this product is not used. Even in our everyday lives, we use a variety of different paper products. For this reason we offer high quailty paper products for all segments of the economy.

Our online store offers a large selection of paper and paper products that meets all the basic parameters of paper items. You can also choose the goods wholesale or retail, among the large list; it includes, and is not limited to:

  • custom paper products (Anti Slip, Envelopes, Labels, Trueguide and other);
  • restaurant paper products (Waxed Kraft, Kraft Rolls, Perferated Kraft, Kraft Sheets and so on);
  • products of recycled paper (Tissues, Chipboard, Bond Paper, Newsprint etc.)

Consumers are always looking to purchase high quality products, at a reasonably affordable price; this is important to us. When buying products made from recycled paper you make a conscious decision to keep our environment healthy and strong for generations to come.

Our commitment to the preservation of the environment allows us to offer a large variety of paper recycled products. Products that can only be formed by recycling or from a mixture of recycled and new paper. By buying eco-friendly paper products you are helping us reduce pollution, without compromising on quality.

What indexes make our paper products highquality?

Canpaco is proud to be leading the way on the list of companies with increased requirements of quality for our comprehensive list of items. During the selection of paper products online, we consider you pay attention to the following points:

  1. Our paper always has equal color and sufficient density
  2. Our product has optimum moisture content
  3. The shelf life of our items is very high

Our production is so consistent with all the indicators that our products will hold their value and quality after years. There are many other parameters that can help you determine how high-quality products are important. But to buy paper products online in our store, is very advantageous, because everything has already been verified, and absolutely everything meets international standards.

If your company needs only selected paper products wholesale, then we invite you to our rich assortment of online products. Here you will also be able to buy paper items at a competitive price. Our consultants will select everything according to your needs.