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  • 110 Economy Hand Wrap Dispenser

    This high quality, Canadian made, dispenser will accommodate 12" - 20" hand wrap. It's many features include mushroom rubber grips for comfort, a patented bearing washer which provides even film distribution, aluminum top collar and high density polyethylene bottom collar for almost friction free rolling. The "U" shape allows for easy wrapping at both the top and bottom of a skid. Premium hand wrap dispenser (12" - 20") 3" core.


    - Capacity: Fits 12'', 15'', 18'' and 20'' Rolls
    - Shipping Weight: 4 Lbs
    - Handle Length: 14''


    - Base: Cast Aluminum
    - Handle: Metal With Foam Rubber Coating

    Download Instructions:

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  • 5/8" (3" CORE) Orange Woven Polyester Gator Strap 2000'

    Width: 5/8
    Coil Length: 2,000 ft
    Coils / Box: 2
    Break Strength: 1,500 lbs

    • is more cost effective than steel strapping.
    • has no sharp edges to cause injuries or tire damage.
    • is as strong as steel but weighs 75% less.
    • is easily applied and can be re-positioned when necessary.
    • can be customized with your company name, logo or message. (Please Contact Us)

    Gator Strapping Video Tutorial
    Gator Strapping Video Tutorial

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  • Bubble Pouches (Self Seal)

    Self Seal Pouches have superior burst strength, to ensure they withstand pressure and abuse while providing maximum product protection.

    They are 100% recyclable and made with up to 20% recycled content, making them environmentally friendly.

    Self Seal Pouches have excellent air retention, so bubbles stay inflated to provide continued long lasting protection. Upon Request Pouches are available in standard and custom sizes.

    Sold By The Case
    Case Quantity - 100 - 1,500

    Canpaco Bubble Pouches Various Sizes

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  • Bubble Rolls

    Polyethylene Bubble Wrap. A superior protection for valuables, fragile items for transport or storage. All purpose, reusable, lightweight and water resistant. Wraps easily around items. 

    Available in 3/16", 5/16", 1/2", and 1/2" Heavy Duty thickness. 

    Customized perforations and/or slitting of the rolls is available.

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  • Buckle Strapping

    Black Polypropylene Buckle Strapping 17' Hand Grade with Metal Buckle

    How To Thread a Metal Buckle With Woven Polyester Strapping
    How To Thread a Metal Buckle With Woven Polyester Strapping

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  • Coin Envelopes - White - ALL

    Coin Envelopes , White Wove or Kraft,

    Bundle Quantity: 1,000 Per Case
    All envelopes are made with 24# Husky Paper

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  • Corrugate Boxes - ALL

    Why Use Corrugated Boxes?

    Strength. Corrugated boxes are stronger than the average cardboard box. 

    Canpaco Corrugate Boxes - Thickness

    - Easy to handle during transport
    - Environmentally friendly
    - Low cost compared to other packaging materials

    Recyclable and Biodegradable. Corrugated boxes are good for the environment. They are made from a renewable source, recycled, and reused.Corrugated boxes are everywhere. Designed to be strong with extra cushioning to protect fragile items, they are used widely in the food industry as well as for shipping in bundles. 

    Don't see a size you want?  Contact Us

    Corrugate Boxes - Add Ons

                    Moving Kits                     Tape Dispenser Value Pack           Custom Boxes

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  • Custom Moving Kit - Customize your Own

    Moving Kit Add-On's
          Shop Now               Shop Now                 Shop Now                     Shop Now

    Moving Kit Add-On's
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    Used for product identification, shipping and tracking labels, lumber and steel tags, barcode and compliance labeling, and labels that are used in harsh environments such as freezers and wet, cold outdoor applications. Rolls have 1" OR 3" Core and with a 8" Outer Diameter Upon Request - Labels can be manufactured in 10 different colours.We also offer the ability to Fanfold any square or rectangle label with a repeat length. For custom manufactured labels, please contact us. Learn More
  • Edge Strapping Protectors

    Edge Protectors and Strapping Protectors fit over the edge of corrugated boxes and cartons to help prevent pressure
    from metal strapping and banding. 

    * Made of sturdy laminated fiberboard
    * Strong enough to hold steel and plastic strapping
    * Strapping tension is spread across a wider area
    * Withstands maximum strap tension while protecting pallet edges

    In addition, cardboard edge protectors improve stability of the load and stacking strength.  Edge Protectors are available in light duty, medium duty and heavy duty to match your load requirements. Specially printed edge protectors are also available that help prevent freight companies from stacking pallets and damaging goods. 

    Please contact us or chat with us today for more information on Edge Protectors and Strapping products.


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  • Green Polyester Strapping

    Polyester strapping is manufactured to the tightest industry standards for use with brick and lumber.

    To address the needs of heavy duty loads, it is designed to have excellent retained tension, which keeps the strap tight around the load even if the package settles and shrinks in size.

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  • Hand Stretch Film - Economy

    Hand stretch film is considered any stretch film roll that is easily applied by hand. Most hand stretch film rolls weigh less than ten pounds.

    Hand stretch rolls can be applied with or without a stretch film dispenser.

    The dispensers often have a braking system to help obtain a tighter stretch when applying the film.

    - Sold By The Case (Case Include 4 Rolls)

    Quiet: Comes off the roll smoothly and quietly.
    Clear: High clarity for barcode reading or load identification.
    Quality: Smooth, easy release - Wraps loads fast with little effort.
    Savings: 10% to 20% less expensive than brand name films.

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  • Invitation Envelopes

    Invitations Envelopes , White Wove All envelopes are made with 24# Husky Paper Learn More
  • Kraft Bubble Mailers (Self Seal)

    Kraft Ecolite bubble mailers provide outstanding low cost shipping protection for a wide variety of products. Ecolites are made from golden kraft paper with a 1/8″ lining.

    - Seamless bottom for maximum strength. Smooth side seams.
    - Sturdy 55 lb. Kraft paper with 3/16" bubble lining.
    - Self-seal bags - Uline guarantees a secure seal every time.

    Outside dimension includes unfolded flap.
    Outside width listed in the chart does not include seams.

    To Choose the Correct Size:
    Determine the width of mailer.
    Width of product + Thickness of product + 1/2"
    Determine the length of mailer.
    Length of product + Thickness of product + 2"

    1 year under normal warehouse conditions (not exposed to excessive heat or freezing temperatures).
    Recycled Content:
    Paper: Recycled Fiber: 100%
    Post-consumer: 10%
    Recycled Film: 20%
    Post-consumer: 10%
    SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) Certified

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