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Masking Tape

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  • Painter's Masking Tape

    Painters tape is a masking tape that has been designed for painters, automotive and industrial applications that can work in high temperatures. Typical applications include window, molding, trim, wood and metal door casings.

    Provides clean removal with no adhesive transfer on steel, glass, plastic and rubber.

    Is solvent and thinner resistant, provides instant adhesion, possesses excellent quick stick properties and sticks to a wide variety of irregularly shaped surfaces.

    Possesses good mechanical strength and is compatible with solvent and water paints and leaves no adhesive transfer when removed.

    Canpaco Painter's Tape Masking Tape

    Professional quality painting tape for multi surfaces:
    - Medium-Low Adhesion
    - Clean Removal Up to 8 Days
    - UV & Sunlight Resistant

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  • General Purpose Masking Tape

    General Purpose Masking Tape
    Use for packaging and everyday needs.

    Industrial Masking Tape
    Resistant to water and oil. Designed for splicing and holding applications.

    Heavy Duty Masking Tape
    Contractor's grade for painting and construction industries.

    High Temperature Masking Tape
    Residue free. Automotive painting protection up to 300°F Metal Fabrication up to 350°F 
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