Corrugated boxes and other product packaging solutions

Re-Manufactured Packaging Machinery

Secure With Stretch Wrap

Ensure your loads and pallets are most secure with stretch wrap. Our stretch wraps are made from polyethylene, which enables the film to extend up to 3 times its length. Both our machine and hand wraps at Canpaco have high load containment and puncture resistance and are easily applied to your pallets, boxes and loads. 

Ensure your products are secure and consistently look their best with shrink film. At Canpaco, our shrink films package your products like produce, toys, and frozen foods and more and accurately shrink to fit. We offer polyolefin shrink film products that are clear, durable and produce less odour, making it perfect for freezer applications. 

Get reliable, corrugated board and packaging to safely ship your products, time after time. Our corrugated products from boxes, pads, and rolls, are strong and made with reducing environmental impact in mind. Order your corrugated packaging products today while you stay focused on your business. 

As a contractor, you know the importance of keeping your client’s flooring spotless! Our flooring products from Canpaco help your contracting business achieve just that. Whether you’re a handyman or a passionate DIYer, we have both paper-based flooring armour and our reusable waterproof surface rolls protection for spills and more. 

You may own a business that ships a lot of taped packages daily. Some of the best shipping tapes are available from us at Canpaco. From clear packing tape, and freezer-grade tape, to adhesive masking tape we have plenty of options to keep your business running and your packages sealed.

Running Out Of Personal Protective Equipment?

From Pharmaceutical Manufacturers To Construction Sites, We Strive To Keep Your Staff Safe.