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Canpaco has been meeting customer custom packaging needs for over 25 years.

Canpaco is committed to providing its customers the best scenario possible where we take the responsibility of stocking Custom Produced Inventory and release as required. 

We understand the challenges of running your business with limited space, time and capital to fund your projects in evolving market. Canpaco takes the burden of managing large quantities of product and supplies them on daily or weekly increments, Just in Time. We also understand the fundamentals of Extreme Lead Times in acquiring goods, which can result in critical failure of projects if not managed properly. Canpaco is equipped with highly trained and vision-oriented personnel, matched with state of the art ERP system, that allows us to foresee and mitigate supply chain issues, so that our customers can focus on what they do best and succeed.

Furthermore, Our team can provide customers with a KANBAN Inventory scheduling process, where we monitor your remote stock and signal re-ordering or replenishing of stock, thus outsourcing Lean Manufacturing.

With two locations based in Toronto and Montreal, Canpaco can service “Just in Time Delivery” for its customers on the fly. We specialize in providing you “what you need, when you need it”.

Corrugated Boxes

Face Masks & Sanitizer

Tapes & Adhesives

Food Packaging